Sean Diegan ranked #83 in Florida and climbing!

I love to highlight my tennis players at the St. Johns Tennis Academy. Whether its a story about a recent happening, or a players accomplishment in match play, or development in becoming a better tennis player. Most likely, with these small stories to becoming a tennis champion entails a lengthy history of a lot of hard work and private lessons to developing a great tennis player. I would like to introduce to you one of our current tournament players, Sean Diegan. Sean has been practicing and playing with us for about two years now at St. Johns Tennis Academy. Since 2007 Sean has played 104 USTA sanctioned events including local, Super Series, State closed, and designated tournaments. He has made 36 singles and doubles finals winning 18 of those events. Folks, this is not an easy task! When you commit to playing tennis tournaments you must take on many weekends of disciplined focus and drive to take on challenging other tennis players, sometimes opponents that have beat you in the past and sometimes players you've never met before. The suspense and anxiety of figuring out what strategy you will choose to defeat each player in your draw one by one to reach the finals in one weekend. With this comes a rearranging of you and your families schedules, time, expenses and responsibilities of keeping up your school life and grades and less social time with your friends.

Sean started playing tennis when he was a young lad (I can say that because his dad is British), he soon started playing competitively in USA Junior Team tennis at age 6 and also played in junior grand prix events. He is now a junior in high school and has played No. 2 for Mandarin High his first 2 years and this past year made the district finals in both singles and doubles. Sean has made the top 100 rank in every age division 10's through 16's, and is currently reached the #83 ranking in Florida for the 16's!

In the mean time, Sean is working hard to improve his all court game, his ranking and aspiring to bigger events. He is devoted to his family and faith and I am happy to call his family my friends.

With this hard work there is hope for a future in tennis, attaining a sense of accomplishment in being the very best you can be with what passion God has given you. We hope for his future in collegiate tennis and beyond as a young man and a future world class tennis player.